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Lindley Gallegos M.Ed.

A Result-Driven Communicator

Experienced Communications and Marketing professional with a strong track record in higher education and agency settings. Skilled in driving impactful campaigns, leading teams, and fostering strategic partnerships. Data-driven and client-focused approach. Passionate about contributing to mission-driven organizations.


Background Details

August 2017 - May 2019


Pennsylvania State University, Master of Higher Education, with an emphasis in Digital Marketing. GPA 3.9

August 2012 - May 2016


Fort Lewis College, English Communications


Lindley is a marketing professional with a passion for people and high-quality work. With a perfect mix of creativity, discipline, and strategy, she crafted an impressive body of work in my time working with her.

Ethan Graham, Vice President of Operations, Consumer51

Lindley is a hard-working, motivated and seriously organised individual! I had the absolute pleasure of working alongside Lindley across a number of projects, with each of them being consistently delivered on time to our clients. Lindley has a wealth of knowledge across all marketing channels and operates with a high level of integrity. If you're looking for someone to effectively lead a team, manage your organisation's processes, or to build your brand, Lindley is the perfect choice.

Mike Nicholas, Paid Media Manager, Spinfluence

Lindley was a pleasure to work with. Her professionalism and meticulous attitude to her project planning were a standout. She is a great communicator and really puts the needs of others first. She's also a great team player and someone you can trust with any task. I highly recommend her and would gladly work with her again.

David Sheens, Senior Graphic Designer, Spinfluence

Lindley is a remarkable combination of intelligence, dedication, focus, and conviviality. As a student, she managed to keep an incredible number of balls in the air, succeeding in her courses, athletics, student government and more. She was always a great student: motivated, prepared, participatory.

Lindley's ability to focus was impressive; even when things would get difficult, she would keep moving forward, determined that she could make whatever it was work out. And she did, every time. Anyone looking for a self-motivated individual who not only has great ideas but also has the wherewithal to put them into action, look no further. Lindley can do the job and then some.

Michelle Malach, Associate Professor, Fort Lewis College

Lindley is enthusiastic, intelligent, and has an exceptional work ethic. In all my interactions with her, I have found her to be confident, dependable, and highly articulate. I had the pleasure of working with Lindley when she was student body president, and later had the distinct honor of calling her a colleague when she was an employee at Fort Lewis College. In the time I have known her, I have been particularly impressed with Lindley's ability to integrate, and represent, multiple perspectives. I recommend Lindley without hesitation.

Steve Schwartz, VP Finance & Administration, Fort Lewis College

Lindley is the rare combination of high emotional intelligence, acumen and charisma. Wherever Lindley is, she adapts and achieves. She is a natural leader and is never afraid of a challenge. It is no surprise that wherever Lindley is in her life, other people want to be around her and work with her.

I cannot speak more highly of Lindley's innate abilities and her work ethic. She will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and supports others along the way. Lindley is a chameleon in her ability to adapt to excel in all environments.

It's rare to find someone with Lindley's drive, soft skills and perception. This is someone who all organizations hope to find, to take their teams and their company to the next level.

Shelby Lehman, Peer, Fort Lewis College

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