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A Result-Driven Strategist

Cover Letter: Welcome


Lindley Gallegos, M.ED.

March 15, 2023

Hello Skyhawk Selection Committee! 

Please accept my application for the Director of Marketing. After speaking with Lindsay Nyquist about this position, I believe my experience makes me an excellent fit.

My Why

Fort Lewis College holds incredible significance for me and has played a pivotal role in my professional and personal development. FLC is where my parents met in the 1980s, and where I was fatefully accepted in 2011. At FLC, I wore a Skyhawk jersey, marched high school seniors around campus as Student Ambassador, nervously gave a commencement speech (see min 28) to 2,000 people as Student Body President, met my partner in Whalen, and began my professional career as an Admission Counselor. 

The importance of higher education in the USA is in question, and I understand the unique challenges involved in sharing the value of a four-year degree with families and other stakeholders. I respect the challenges that the marketers at FLC have faced.

Since leaving Durango to live and work abroad, I have met incredible Skyhawk alumni all over the world in places like Sydney, Madrid, and Budapest. FLC has opened infinite doors for a bright generation of young people, and in them, I find my inspiration. 

I’m moving back to the USA this summer. Nothing excites me more than moving back to Durango to share the value of four years spent at FLC. I find great purpose and huge responsibility in carrying the student-centered mission of Fort Lewis College. 


After working two years as an Admissions Counselor at FLC, I was inspired to pursue a Master of Higher Education, knowing that I wanted to dedicate my professional life to supporting the next generation of students. 

I’ve pursued global marketing experience with the agencies Consumer51 and Spinfluence. As Digital Marketing Manager, I have used the latest marketing software and strategies to support the mission of numerous social impact organizations. I developed extensive field experience creating diverse marketing campaigns, for clients in higher education, government, non-profits, and mental health facilities. 

In my roles, I have managed online advertising budgets for up to 50 clients at a time, averaging roughly $400,000 monthly with some budgets ranging up to one million dollars. In addition, I have conducted market research, analyzed data, and interpreted statistics to execute data-driven marketing plans. My professional success has been solely tied to the successful outcomes of my clients, illustrated through high client retention. 

I have worked across three continents with diverse audiences. In Denmark, I was challenged to write Danish copy and collaborated with native speakers to ensure cultural relevance. I am sensitive to the cultural nuances understood by diverse groups and constantly seek to learn and grow from others’ different lived experiences.

As the senior-most marketing manager, I supervise a team of more than ten digital marketers, web developers, strategists, designers, and interns. I conduct monthly check-ins and give yearly reviews to each of my direct reports. I seek to build a good culture rooted in discipline, respect, relationship, life-long learning, transparency, and sharing in wins and losses. I have incredible mentors and am honored to mentor others. I am committed to the growth of my staff and constantly nudge them towards continuing education courses. Last year, I created a continuing education curriculum, “C51 University,” for my staff to earn new certifications year-round.

My marketing expertise coupled with my admissions background makes me keenly aware of the challenges that lie ahead. I plan to use my experience to contribute to FLC’s strategic plan and help fortify the team in recruiting and fundraising efforts. 

Equity and Inclusion

At times I’ve felt like the only Hispanic person abroad. I have never met another Gallegos, López, Lovato, Roybal, or Martínez (my other family names) in Denmark or Australia. Occasionally, people assume I speak Spanish and have come from Mexico. It’s frustrating to be pegged. I’ve also had the firsthand experience of being an immigrant, which comes with its own full set of biases. 

This experience has shown me what it feels like to be an outsider and how important it is to be sensitive to the unique struggles of others in our society. The people who invited me into their circles in my times of need greatly contributed to my well-being, and I hope to similarly offer a site of radical inclusivity. At FLC, I plan to use my position to amplify the voice of the underrepresented and stand for diverse representation.

For my Master’s degree, I wrote my final scholarly paper advocating for the use of race in admissions. In my research, I found evidence for the many benefits of educational diversity, including “a better understanding of different people and cultures, and a greater sense of connectedness and quality of relationships.” 

For me, FLC was a safe and inclusive environment, and I’m grateful for the diverse community that surrounded me during my formative years. This is one of FLC’s great strengths. I'd like to play a role in the continued pursuit of equity and inclusion at FLC. 

I am uniquely suited for this role through my experience in marketing and higher education, my passion for innovative problem-solving, and my drive to serve as an inclusive leader. I'd love to give back to the community that has given so much to me. 


Lindley Gallegos

Cover Letter: About Me


Background Details

August 2017 - May 2019


Pennsylvania State University, Master of Higher Education, with an emphasis in Digital Marketing. GPA 3.9

August 2012 - May 2016


Fort Lewis College, English Communications. GPA 3.6

Cover Letter: CV

"Working in higher education is powerful because it gives you the opportunity to open doors for people that otherwise may have never been opened. This work is important to me because my family has placed a high value on education and life-long learning.

The interest in life-long learning is often sparked at a tender age from a freshman classroom or cohort. I believe in leading by example and acting with integrity. As an ex-college athlete, I believe that it is always a team effort.

As a leader, I am compelled to help people find their inner confidence and strength. I value adventure, discipline, celebration, relationships, and truth-telling."

My Professional Higher Ed Philosophy

- Lindley

Image by Vasily Koloda
Cover Letter: Quote
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